Physician Opportunities - Emergency Medicine

Lifestyle / Coverage

UPMC Emergency Medicine, a part of UPMC, is a non-profit corporation. Unlike many other emergency medicine groups, none of the patient care revenue generated by UPMC Emergency Medicine’s physicians are diverted to corporate shareholders or contract holders. As a non-profit entity, we can focus on patient care and physician satisfaction.

Physician Coverage Structure: UPMC Emergency Medicine believes that adequate physician coverage is necessary to promote quality patient care and physician satisfaction/longevity. All of our emergency departments have generous physician staffing ratios that allow our physicians to deliver quality care. We do not accept a “meat grinder” approach, and believe that a healthy balance of excellent compensation and strong coverage levels is best for patients and physicians

Flexible Work Options: UPMC Emergency Medicine offers numerous employment options to suit the needs of today’s physician. This flexibility allows our physicians to choose a balance of compensation and work that best fits their goals.

Because UPMC Emergency Medicine serves many hospitals in the region, physicians enjoy the flexibility of working in a system that lets them choose the emergency department setting that best matches their career goals without changing their employer or leaving the area.